Immersion-cooled computing module
About the project
Development of the "Computing Module" case.
This case is designed to solve the problem of isolated cooling of a computer with high computing power.
The device performs the function of collecting and analyzing the video stream.
Made by
Data collection for the beginning of design, task analysis, design-modeling, work with performers, manufacturing, testing.
The device requires maintenance 1 time in 1 year
The serviced nodes are removable and collapsible, for ease of performing the operation.
Environment, function
The device was designed for an environment with a high humidity content of ~100%.
To fulfill the task assigned to the device operating in an aggressive environment,
a decision was made in favor of developing an immersion-cooled housing.
Manufacturing technologies and components
Thanks to the selected manufacturing technologies, it was possible to achieve serial quality.
Special attention was paid to the ease of assembly and maintenance,
which ensures a long service life.
Sealed port USB 3.0
Gigabyte RTX 3080
Ryzen 7 3700X
256 ГБ SSD M.2
GeIL Pristine 32gb
Needle radiator
РИ - 120
Turning works
Laser cutting
Metal bending